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When Richard Thomas founded RTP Surveyors in 1986 (as R.G. Thomas) he founded it on the principle of giving people a sound foundation from which to make their decisions.

Since then, we’ve helped more than 10,000 clients protect their buildings and investments, complete building projects and feel confident in their property pursuits. We work in Cornwall, Devon and beyond, offering the full spectrum of surveying, design, architectural and consultancy services.

Our Milestones

In 1986, Richard Thomas founds R.G. Thomas.

To meet increasing demand, Martin Winchester joins the team in 1990.

Richard and Martin bought Peter Norman Chartered Surveyors in 1994 and established our Bodmin office, trading as Richard Thomas Partnership.

Our current Falmouth Office opens in 1998.

Richard Collett and Martyn Middlewick became directors in 2011 and to celebrate this new chapter, the company becomes RTP Surveyors.

In 2018, Richard Thomas steps down as director to become a consultant and a new management team take the reins, including John Darbyshire as an additional director.

Our Plymouth office opens in September 2018, enabling us to extend our services even further into Devon.

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