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We’ll tell you how you can fulfil your duties and communicate effectively between the design and construction teams. We identify and evaluate health and safety risks before you start on site and any risks that can’t be removed completely will be managed on your behalf throughout the project. So you can complete the development secure in the knowledge that you’re compliant, and that the people constructing and using the property will remain safe.

To find out how we can help you with CDM compliance, please get in touch with our Bodmin office on 01208 892020.

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Contract Administration

Managing a construction project, and all the tradespeople involved, is no easy task. We’ll help you keep all the plates spinning so your project stays on track, and your sanity stays intact.

Restoring a fire-damaged home to its former glory

An initial building survey showed that it would be prudent to complete an initial strip out of the property so we could thoroughly examine the structure underneath and accurately assess the extent of repairs and reinstatement works needed.