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Whether you need to arrange a seemingly simple exterior repaint or a substantial refurbishment, we can take the whole process off your plate, from specifying the works to full project management and scheduling work to minimise disruption to tenants and guests

With meticulous attention to detail and a trusted network of expert contractors, whether you’re dealing with a single dwelling or managing a large block of apartments, we’ll make sure your works are in safe hands.

If you’d like help with repairs, decoration or maintenance at your property, please get in touch.

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Planning & Building Regulations

Whether you’re looking to make alterations, change the way you use your property, or market your site with planning permission, getting the relevant consent is essential.

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A successful maintenance schedule for busy holiday apartments

Managing and maintaining busy beach-front holiday apartments is no easy task. We’ve been working alongside Belmont Property Management to oversee regular maintenance for these two blocks since 2014.