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Schedule of Dilapidations

As a Landlord, is your tenant complying with the terms of the Lease and maintaining your property in an appropriate manner?

As a Tenant is your Landlord requiring you to undertake repairs and maintenance for the building which you consider are not your responsibility?

If so RTP Surveyors can provide expert advice in interpreting the conditions of the Lease and helping to identify who is responsible for the maintenance of the building.

We can undertake appropriate actions and preparation of the Schedule of Dilapidations on behalf of Landlords to identify the areas in which the Tenant has not undertaken repairs, providing a detailed Schedule to assist the Tenant in identifying what repairs are required and helping to prioritize the works.

If, as a Tenant, a Schedule of Dilapidations has been served upon you by your Landlord we can undertake an inspection to confirm the validity of the items included and assist you in prioritizing those repair works.

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