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Public Buildings

Do you manage public buildings?

RTP Surveyors have dealt with projects ranging from routine maintenance through to Minor Capital Projects involving substantial alterations and refurbishment of redundant buildings to provide a variety of new uses in this sector.

We mainly deal with alterations and extensions of Primary and Secondary Schools. We have knowledge of School building current legislation including Building Regulations, Building Bulletins and Fire Regulations.

Our work often involves alterations which necessitate complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of the Building Regulations. Existing buildings do not all reach the minimum standards and these Regulations in particular may have a significant effect on the proposed alterations and layout with associated cost implications.

RTP’s experience has confirmed that well meaning proposals are unviable because of the practical difficulties and the cost of compliance. These matters can be considered at the feasibility stage before proceeding too far with the project.

The feasibility inspection and report which we would undertake would consider the practical difficulties as well as highlighting the unknown risks of the proposed project. Included would be basic layout plans, a financial cost statement and project programme. The feasibility report provides the Client with the necessary information to make a balanced decision to proceed or shelve the project.

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