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Maintenance Inspections

If you own a building, or have a lease that requires you to look after the fabric of a building, then it will be beneficial to you to be able to plan the maintenance works that will become necessary. There are two main reasons for this:

Firstly, it is generally more desirable to spend a little money regularly on maintenance, than to face a major expenditure ‘out of the blue’. By carrying out a rolling programme of work on a regular basis, then you should avoid a large ‘hit’ on your funds in one particular year. This is particularly important for buildings in multiple ownership where a fixed annual amount is collected for maintenance from each owner. The owners need to see that their money is being spent wisely, and do not want to receive a request for more money because something has arisen which could have been better forecast.

Secondly, by catching a defect early it may be possible to carry out a relatively inexpensive repair, rather than waiting for it to develop and lead to a major expense. For instance, a leaking roof may only need a slate replacing if dealt with promptly, but may lead to considerable damage to the property internally if left to allow water ingress; a stitch in time saves nine.

In order to plan the maintenance that is required to a building both now and in the near future, and to be able to budget for the costs of the work, we can carry out a ‘maintenance inspection’ for you. The report you receive will usually make recommendations for maintenance works that are required now, in one year’s time, and in three to five year’s time, although the time scales can of course be varied to suit your needs.

See also ‘Quinquennial Inspections’.

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