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Building Defects

Every building, be it residential, commercial or other specialist property, will from time to time suffer defects. As building surveyors, we are specialists in advising clients about building defects, including diagnosing the cause and specifying remedial measures to solve these problems.

Whether the problem is damp penetration, structural movement, mundic block, timber defects or any other building problem, RTP can help you find a solution and avoid costly mistakes.

RTP Specialists:

Martyn Middlewick:
falmouth@rtpsurveyors.co.uk, 01326 213075

Richard Thomas:
falmouth@rtpsurveyors.co.uk, 01326 213074

Martin Winchester:
bodmin@rtpsurveyors.co.uk, 01208 892025

Tony Morehen:
falmouth@rtpsurveyors.co.uk, 01326 213076