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Business Client: Housing, Redruth

Details: New sustainable homes in Redruth (2010-2011).

AmboStrachan Homes Corporation commissioned the design of 4 new attached dwellings on a previously underutilised site within the grounds of a locally important and architecturally imposing Grade II Listed House, which had been previously converted by the client into luxurious, reasonably priced rental apartments. The client wished to pursue the same targets of luxury, affordability and sustainability in this adjacent project.

Conditional Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent were obtained by Architects Burd Haward, following which RTP Surveyors were responsible for clearing the Conditions attached to the agreements and obtaining Building Regulations Approval. The four attached (or terraced) dwellings were designed to complement the Listed Building by having the appearance of a ‘Coach House’ within the grounds of an important dwelling whilst achieving a quality and effective construction method, aiming to reduce loadings, improve the speed of construction, provide a high quality finish and comply with all modern Regulations to provide light, spacious and comfortable living spaces.

The project incorporated much liaison with consultants and technical investigations to ensure that the structural aspects of the properties were robust, given that Redruth is an extensively mined area. A thorough process of mining investigations, soil sampling and remediation planning were all carried out. Local consultants and drilling experts were used to pursue investigations and liaison with a local Structural Engineer enabled an innovative design approach to be undertaken in respect of ground stabilisation, with the use of targeted piling and geotextile materials, rather than extensive mass concrete underground. This provided a more environmentally sound solution to the project needs.

Our Role

RTP Surveyors provided the specification and drawings used for tendering, including technical liaison with numerous consultants (as noted above). Part of the design development by RTP incorporated Building Control liaison and achieving approval for the detail of the scheme. RTP also undertook the CDM Co-ordinator role for the scheme, enabling cooperation in respect of health and safety between designers, contractors, client and the managing agents. Contract Administration of the project was undertaken by RTP during 2011, with the completion of the scheme celebrated locally with a Mayoral opening ceremony.

Client Feedback

We are immensely grateful to RTP for their professionalism and attention to detail in the coordination of this project, helped by their wide experience and local knowledge of issues peculiar to the area.

They have also been commendably assiduous in compiling the extensive Health and Safety information necessary in a project of this type and helping to ensure that high safety standards were observed during the construction process.


An important project objective was to use environmentally low impact materials including timber framing and Cedar cladding, with high levels of insulation and energy performance equivalent to Code Level 4, to minimise energy costs. Consideration was given to alternative energy sources where appropriate, such as photovoltaic panels, but the shading from adjacent buildings and trees meant that they were not suitable. Additionally, solar hot water panels are being evaluated as an alternative improvement to energy supply, to supplement the existing water heating system.

Sustainability of the project also incorporated a natural environmental perspective, with good passive solar gain and stack ventilation, as well as consideration of the local environment in retaining trees where possible. Community aspects of sustainability were also a key driver, incorporating employment of Local contractors working on the construction project, providing much needed employment in hard economic times. The scheme has also created a high quality environment with low running costs for affordable occupation by local people.


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