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Professional Service: Architectural Services

Bodmin Town Council Building, Bodmin

During 2014, RTP worked with Bodmin Town Council to replace the roof of their Shire House building in Mount Folly Square, Bodmin. The Council wished to make economic use of the existing building and retain as many of its original features as practical. The roof had leaked extensively and had been previously over-coated with bitumen, preventing repair and thus requiring replacement of the slates. Due to the historic nature of the property (Grade II* Listing), appropriate consultations were made with the Local Authority and English Heritage. RTP Surveyors acted as Building Surveyors and CDM Co-ordinator for the project. Martin Winchester carried out the inspections and design work, followed by Contract Administration. Harriet Parkin assisted with the site inspections during the contract. Sue Wilton carried out the CDM Co-ordinator role.

The project progressed well utilising the services of a trusted local contractor. The challenging aspects were initially in the satisfaction of all historic criteria and access provision, as the scaffolding had to be erected over the top of a lower extension to the main building and works had to progress safely adjacent to a busy junction in the main road. A temporary roof was used for the duration of the re-roofing works, to offer shelter to those still working within the premises and to protect the historic building fabric. With a methodical and detailed approach, RTP Surveyors were able to guide the project through to successful completion, to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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